Friday, July 03, 2009

Learning Surface Design

These two were made using direct dye paint. They have not been washed yet.

This one with leaf shapes was done with freezer paper ironed on for resist on monoprinted fabric. The fabric pieces below were done using soy wax batik, some combined with freezer paper resist. The first (most complex) was done in stages with wax, dye paint, more wax, crackling, more dye. It was very hard to get the wax out. I had to resort to washing it in very hot water and it faded a LOT. I know, you have to wash ALL dyed fabric in hot water with Synthrapol, but the fading is so disappointing.

I'm learning quite a lot about how things work. Since the workshop I have ordered a few supplies and have been experimenting on my own. One disappointment is the intensity lost when washing out the dyed fabric. In that regard, I think paint may be better because you don't wash it. I was thinking about NOT washing out future dye painted items because the fabric will be used only in wall (art) pieces. I mean, it's not like you worry about "washing" paintings. Is there any reason to wash out dye if the completed fabric is not being used in a quilt or garment that will be used?
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