Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Not Really Spring

Well, here's what I get for saying it was Spring. We have had rain, hail, snow (snow!) and all manner of chilly and inclement weather. Now, to tell the truth, the snow didn't really stick for long at our elevation, but some of the mountain areas are still digging out.

Saturday's weather was particularly bad, but that didn't stop me from accompanying my quilting buddies to 10 quilt shops. We were involved in a "Cruisin' Quilter's Run", a local promotion where all the quilt shops get together to offer prizes and incentives. Sort of a Quilter's Road Trip. Some of the girls had been to all 20 shops, and I think I made it to about 15 all together. We are particularly lucky here to have so many shops to choose from, and it was fun to discover new ones. I also realized that I am pretty happy with the five that are a short drive from my house.

It's all kind of a blur now, but we did a lot of talking , eating, laughing and shopping. This was a real marathon, something like 14 hours worth. Lots of calls from plaintive husbands wondering about dinner . This cracked me up. I can't imagine being married to a man who can't manage to feed himself.

I got some cheerful looking "retro" fabric to make spring pillows and a throw, maybe a table runner. I chose red, blue, yellow and white, so anything I make will look nice on in to summer. I found one or two "artsy" fabric fat quarters to add to the stash as well. My well meaning friends do make me laugh, though. They are sure I will love any fabric they find that looks well, weird, to them. Sometimes they are right.

Sunday was also a fun gathering of more sewing friends for lunch and an afternoon of stitching. I don't usually have non-family things planned on both weekend days, but I have to say it was a lot of fun. My friend Gayle served a marvellous Mexican corn chowder and a chicken salad, accompanied by hot rolls. Yum! I am awaiting the recipe. Soup or chowder is just the thing for weather like this. I will share the recipe when I get it.

A couple of you have emailed kindly inquiring about my health, and nothing has changed. I had thought everything would move a lot faster, but I will have my next consult on March 21st and surgery presumably scheduled shortly thereafter. My doctor said not to worry, my kind of cancer is SLOW growing. While I am HAPPY that it is a less scary kind, it is still hard to wait. I am plenty busy and have lots of things to distract me, it's not like I'm sitting around twiddling my thumbs, but still...I will be glad when the surgery is finished. Meanwhile, this Californian is wishing it were a little warmer.


Karoda said...

You wrote: This cracked me up. I can't imagine being married to a man who can't manage to feed himself

This use to be a running joke between my man and I. I had made this comment about a group of women I met with regularly for business and our inside joke became that whenever I was them he would call me and ask "what's for dinner?" It always put me on the spot because I would just crack up.

quiltnbee said...

Jenny, I took several very similar photos of the weather myself...I even threw snowballs with my daughter yesterday...I've never been in the snow on my birthday before...at least not in CA...I didn't do the Quilt Run, too dangerous...=-)

jenclair said...

Sounds like a great day in spite of the weather! Wow, 15 shops...you must have been exhausted by the time you finished. My head would have been spinning from looking at all that fabric. You go, girl!

Frances said...

15 shops how wonderful looking forward to seeing your treasures in future quilts,
happy very belated birthday wishes to Jerry, a lovely post,

Shirley Goodwin said...

15 shops! You must have been knackered! (oops, that's maybe a Kiwi expression. Translation = exhausted). Lucky you to get snow - it doesn't normally snow where I live now.

Shirley in New Zealand

Nines said...

We call that a "Shop Hop." I haven't the strength to do one, but I usually make it to a couple. I can't imagine having that much variety in such close proximity! My friend Sarah is always sure to point out the ugliest fabric in a shop, also. I do tend to feel sorry for them and bring them home with me. Can't wait for the chowder recipe!