Thursday, October 19, 2006

Terence La Noue

The Papaver "Poppy" Kingdom, mixed media on canvas, 77 x 72.5 "
by Terence La Noue.
Lots to see out there by this artist. I liked this group.

From Art in America, Feb, 2002 by Edward Leffingwell. The tessellated passages of Terence La Noue's abstractions emerge from dense matrices of material riven into shards and exuberantly reassembled into complex, layered fields. (emphasis mine)
Remind you of anything? Imagine, cutting up material and reassembling it. Just thought I'd share.

Thanks Jane Ann, Gerrie, and Barbara for your comments. I have not been good about replying, but I do appreciate your good thoughts.

I have been laid low with a dreadful flu/cold/sinus thing this week but am back to work and feeling a bit better. I managed to find a nice jacket to wear to the wedding in a lovely swirly teal pattern that will look nice with my basic black sleeveless dress. I no longer go "sleeveless" if I can help it, but I like the way the dress looks with the new jacket. Now, if I could just find some shoes that won't kill my feet...


Debby said...

Oh I love these...

I hear ya about finding comfy matter how great the outfit, if the shoes aren't comfy it's not worth my time and trouble...good luck in the hunt!

Gerrie said...

Oh boy! This stuff speaks to me. Love it, love it!!

Jane Ann said...

I bet Terence La Noue's abstractions garner a lot more respect and $ than OUR abstractions do! Such is life. You find the MOST wonderful artwork to share with us. Thank you.

(BTW, my fit and trim 33-y-o DD has not gone sleeveless since she was 25. It's not usually the most attractive part of ANYone's anatomy after "a certain age.") The jacket sounds lush--put up a photo for us.

Deb H said...

Interesting collage.

I agree with you on sleevless dresses. I feel naked without sleeves. When I flew to MD for my sons's wedding, 4 hours before the wedding, I realized the jacket that went with my dress wasn't on the hanger. It had slipped off while hanging in the closet at home, & I hadn't noticed when I packed it, because it had a dark bag over it. I ended up wrapping the scarf I'd made to go with it around my shoulders. I felt naked the whole night! Lesson: Pin jacket to hanger!