Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Nice and Neat

Well, it probably won't last, but I have the sewing studio nice and neat once again. I went through almost every bin of fabric I have and (gasp!) gave some of it away. My SIL Diane is selling on ebay to raise money to participate in the breast cancer 3 day walk. She will also be having a garage sale, so I have had lots of motivation to clean out closets as well. It feels great to be organized, even if I know it's only temporary.

I was happy to get my cutting table raised to counter height by adding some PVC pipe to the legs. Works great, and no more back strain. I view my current space as temporary since I will move to a larger room once our son moves out again. I want to plan it thoroughly and look into a better fabric storage system as well as better furniture


dee said...

Thanks for the You Tube stuff. The room looks great. I'm so all over the place that I waste endless amounts of time looking for things. It's time to re-work my layout as well. I will have to have a "death match" with Roger for my son's room-that is if he ever leaves...sigh

Meredith said...

Your studio looks great. Now if I could just get soemone over to clean up mine.