Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Amy's Baby Shower

On Saturday I hosted a baby shower for my neice Amy. Here you see the centerpiece we made. Every decoration is useful, as is the "cake" itself.

Here are my lovely guests. (I took this picture, so I am not in it.) I had loads of help from my SILs Jane and Judy and my other neices Carrie and Colleen. All I had to do was clean and decorate since Judy and Jane prepared the food. It was a lot like having a catering service, except better.

This was the most touching gift. The pretty little sweater and booties were made by great grandma Clara as a gift for Barb when Amy was born. Here, Amy's mother Barb passes it on for Clara's great great grandchild to use. It is still lovely and soft and in wonderful condition. Barb also prepared a beautiful gift basket full of baby things. The basket itself was originally a gift from Amy's grandma Adelene. I'm sure they both were with us in spirit that day. I loved that Barb thought to do these very special things.

Here are the tables set and ready for the guests. You can see all the little "baby baskets" we made for serving lunch. Besides the chips and salad cup, we had a chicken salad wrap tucked into the basket.

Dessert was coconut cupcakes made from scratch. Delicious! The little pacifier decorations on top were not edible, so we had to warn our guests to remove them. As far as I know, nobody ate one by mistake.


Granny Fran said...

What a fun and attractive shower! I love that cake.

dee said...

Oh my gosh-that's so sweet. Love the pacifier decorations! beautiful sweater. Aren't baby things just delish?

Sonji Hunt said...

I love that diaper cake. The first time I saw something like that was on Sex and the City. I don't know anyone who is having a baby (that I would go to these lengths for at least) but wouldn't it be cool to make a house warming gift with washcloths and bathtowels and stuff like that? Anyway, you planned a beautiful shower.

Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

The baby shower decorations are wonderful. And the cake is truly calorie free.

Kay said...

That cake is wonderful! And the coconut cupcakes sound equally wonderful.