Monday, July 02, 2007

It's July, so I'm on Vacation

This was the view from my front door on Saturday morning. Jerry and I got up early to walk by the lake. Good thing, too, because it was bright and hot by the time we finished at 9 am. Same thing today, only it was hot and sunny by 8:30am. I think tomorrow we will start even earlier.
Summer heat here is nothing to kid around with. You don't EVEN want to exercise in it, unless of course you are in a pool.

Here is how I spent another part of my day. That is silk charmuese on the frame, and yes I know those pins are a terrible abuse of fabric, but I am cutting that part off later.

I am having the most wonderful time being away from work. Believe it or not I love my job, but being away is better. Time for morning exercise, time for painting, fabric or otherwise, time for reading, time for napping. For dinner I am preparing a lovely healthy stir fry and then I am meeting some friends for coffee at Starbuck's. We will sit outside enjoying the cool of the summer evening, laughing and chatting and catching up on each other's lives. Ah, this is the life.


Rian said...

Dat's some beautimous fabric!

That looks about like our Saturday morning. It was so warm Friday night. Ours cleared out by 10 and we're only 2 miles from the ocean.

Debra Spincic said...

Well Happy Vacation!

Kay said...

Indeed, it is! Enjoy.

Samantha said...

it sounds like a fabulous time!