Sunday, January 06, 2008


It is the second day of steady rain and everything outside is thoroughly soaked. Living in an arid region as we do, rain is something special.
We are lucky not to be worried about mudslides like those in burned out areas. After the wildfires remove the plant life, hillsides that have been burned have nothing to stop the erosion caused by rainfall. If you live on the coast, the worry is more about the high surf that breaches the sea wall. Local fire stations hand out sand bags for free, and everyone affected works like mad, hoping for the best.

A little later this morning we are gathering at my SIL Jane's house for a "waffle bake off". Apparently a number of us have waffle irons, and Jane thought it would be fun to gather for brunch and bake waffles. I will be honest, my waffle batter usually comes out of a (gasp) box. I am planning a variation that involves applesauce and cinnamon, served with cooked tart apples. This afternoon, if the rain continues, will be a great time to get into my studio.


Janet said...

Hi Jen: Looks as though you had a lovely Christmas - down time is so good!
I started my tutorial on the Sea Creatures quilt today in case you or any of your quilting friends are interested.
Janet in cool and snowy Nova Scotia, Canada

Granny Fran said...

Oh, I am definitely "California Dreaming on such a wintry day!"
Lovely photos, and how I love La Jolla and haven't been there for several years.

QuiltingFitzy said...

Dumb question. How do you tell when oranges/grapefruit are ready to be picked? I tasted an orange yesterday and it wasn't bad, but I don't know if I leave them alone will they be BETTER? Are they supposed to come off easily in your hand? My pink grapefruit is the same way, tastes ok, but have to really pull to pick it!

Rian said...

We got more wind than rain, only about an inch and a half, but it was really blustery here. The patio is a mess. The surf is very high.

Gerrie said...

Enjoy the rain. I will send you some more if you want.

I was just looking at my waffle iron and thinking that I need to use it.