Monday, September 01, 2008

Work In Progress, Quilt Show Loot, and a Surprise

To the left is the little painting (on paper) I showed you a couple of days ago, and to the right is the fabric version, a work in progress. So far I have used my new SG paints, shiva sticks and a stencil. You can also see where I used the blue painter's tape at the beginning to mask off some white areas. I have quite a bit of work left to go. The SG paints are the nicest I have ever used for fabric. The colors are creamy and easy to mix and the resulting painted fabric is not stiff, which should make it easier to add thread work later.

Yesterday I went to the San Diego Quilt Show with my friend Barbara. It's a small show, but I had fun and found a few treasures. Here is the loot:

I got some very nice batiks, blenders, hand dyes, and one special piece of hand painted fabric by Mickey Lawler (That green one in the middle). Her Sky Dyes book is what got me started painting fabric in the first place.

The most amazing thing happened on my way to the quilt show. I was standing at the crosswalk and I looked over and saw my blog friend Debby . I didn't immediately realize who she was, only that I recognized her. It gets even funnier. We chatted for a few moments and realized that we had worked for the same company in the same office 30 years ago. I NEVER would have put that together since I barely remember what I had for lunch yesterday, never mind who I worked with so so long ago. (Plus, Debby looks WAY too young for her age, which is pretty close to mine.) Anyway, it was really nice to meet her at last and hopefully we can get together again some time.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link to the paints. I used to paint (centuries ago) and I always toy with the idea of painting fabric instead of sewing it.

I agree, Debby looks way too young for her age. What a nice surprise.

Catherine said...

Those are absolutely glorious batiks! And the hand dye is fantastic!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous stash enrichment. And too cool about running into Debby!

Granny Fran said...

How fun to run into Debby! Love your hand dyed fabric. I have a piece of that purple dotted swirl batik. I like the idea of a fabric paint that leaves the cloth soft and flexible.

K said...

The older we get the smaller the world gets!
Isn't it great to connect in unique ways?