Saturday, January 10, 2009


Although I don't suffer from CHAOS (Cant Have Anybody Over Syndrome), things around here need an organizational overhaul every now and then. Cooking with my son made me realize I needed to organize the spice cupboard, so I did. To my chagrin there were LOTS of multiples (couldn't find it, thought I didn't have it, bought another.) At least I know what's in there now.

In the sewing room I had more fun. Reacquainting myself with my stash while lovingly folding and reorganizing my treasures.

I also arranged my art supplies in drawers and shelves tucked neatly under the cutting table.

I moved the cutting table to get better access from both sides. Note the neatly organized scraps that have been cut, and the HUGE bin of scraps that have not. I really need to make more scrap quilts this year. Seriously.

The finished sewing space aka studio, just ready and waiting for me to mess it up.


Gerrie said...

Now, I feel like such a slob. My studio is such a mess from getting the work done for my show, I am looking forward to some clean up and reorganizing. Yours looks ready to work in. Nice.

Rebecca said...

I don't even know you, but I want to come over and play! What a beautiful display of FQs! And look at that paint job on the a Pacific Northwest native, I love me some snow-capped maountains.

Debra said...

just too neat! get in there and mess it up!

Quiltnbee said...

I moved my table out from the wall like that, too, and really like it so much better. Are you out and about enjoying this "winter
weather??? =-)

Deb H said...

I was bitten by the clean up bug too, but I didn't get anywhere near as far as you did before I started making it messy again!

Your place looks great!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Look at you go! Isn't it fun to re-organize the stash? I don't have much stash here (it's all at the LQS), but if I had your stash I'd be rearranging it all the time.

Suze said...

what a cool did a great job in tidying and rearranging..

Are you coming to Road this year?