Wednesday, March 11, 2009

On the Design Wall

Here is a picture of the baby quilt I am working on for Debra's project. Don't worry, the borders are all the same size and not nearly as wonky as the picture makes them look. The blocks ARE wonky, on purpose. I had fun working with these bright cheerful colors. If you can believe it, I had all of the fabric and some of the blocks already in the stash.

Here's a closeup of the cute "bug" prints. I'm hoping this is unisex enough. I think it will make a great play quilt. Hope to get to the actual quilting this weekend.

Here is one of my latest experiments. I did the stitching first and painted second, using Stewart Gill acryllics and Dharma Pigment Dyes. When I am painting fabric, I usually use a combination of whatever I have (acryllics, dye paint from Dharma, inks etc.) Once upon a time I used to do a lot of watercolor and ink drawing. Though more abstract, this reminds me a little of that long ago work.
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Rian said...

I usually don't love brights, but the way you put them together they really draw you in. Very nice! Me likey!

I think there is new wonderfulness in this painting medium waiting to be developed.

Debra said...

What a CUTE Quilt! I am sure a young mom is going to love it!
And, your painting is very near the same look too. Cool!

Joyce said...

I absolutely love the baby quilt. I think all baby quilts should be bright! The painted fabrics i beautiful. I never thought of sewing first and painting second. I'll have to give it a try.

Rebecca said...

What FUN both of these are! The painted fabric seems very seasonal with such lovely light bright colors.

I, too, like the sew first, then paint approach.

Barbara C said...

Your quilt is very cheerful. Isn't it a wonder what one can pull together from scraps and leftovers?

Your painted fabric is lovely: I like the luminous quality of the water color effect.

Deroi said...

The inspiration that you had to paint it was great. I loved your pieces