Monday, November 21, 2005

Which Sewing Machine?

I am thinking seriously about buying another sewing machine for quilting. Based on the advice of friends and fellow bloggers, I don't think a long arm is for me, but I do want to upgrade to a larger opening for quilting (at least 9"). I have been to all the local sewing machine shops, and no one has any Janome 6500s left (was hoping to get a bargain!). I am still thinking this over. For me this is a very significant amount of money to spend, especially since it is for me alone and no one else in the family will benefit. Does anyone have any suggestions? I don't have the budget to pay the price of a small used car for my sewing machine...$2,000 or less is what I am aiming for. I could buy the new Janome 6600 for around $1800. Is this what I want? Suggestions welcome.


mary m. said...

I'd get one of those Janome machines Melody Johnson has...they are really pretty affordable...I have the Brother 1500?, but it only does a straight stitch. I test-ran a Janome at the Lancaster show last spring, and it was very nice, and versatile.

Lisa Call said...

I disagree - your family benefits because you are happier. Think about the trickle down effect. :):)

I can't help you on suggestions - I just keep buying used Pfaff 1475s made in 92/93.

Did you check ebay for a 6500?

cherylsterling said...

I have a Janome 6500 and I have no complaints. You get the most bells and whistles for your money.

Cheryl Sterling-

Kathy said...

How about the Juki?
or the Janome?
I think a simple, hardworking machine is best.Bells and whistles are not what I look for.

Anonymous said...

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