Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Painterly Time?

The visual for today is "Emptied By the Sun", by Emily Mason.

I've been a neglectful blogger lately, but it seems I've become self-conscious about whether or not I have something worthwhile to share. (Not that it ever stopped me before.) On the art front, I've made several really bad paintings. On the quilting front I've been chipping away at some traditional projects and not much else. Nothing of interest that merges both, although I thought of cutting up the paintings and reassembling them.

I am back at work now, as immersed in the daily routines as if I hadn't left. It's amazing how quickly you get back into it even if you've been gone a while. I'm happy to have my life back, but I do miss those afternoon naps.

As artists, we often talk about being "in the zone" or about how we lose track of time while we are working. Here is an interesting article about "Painterly Time."
Something I think we already knew, but still interesting.


jenclair said...

Karoda says (a paraphrase, of course) that you blog first for yourself. In that context, what is "worthwhile" is what is "worthwhile" to you.

I love today's visual, both the painting and the title. This is another one I could live with day after day.

Also enjoyed the article...I think of it as time disappearing (whenever I'm deeply involved with anything), almost another dimension.

Glad things are back to "normal" and sorry about the afternoon naps!

quiltnbee said...

Love the painting. And it is so good to see you here again...Are you loving our weather today? =-)

Gerrie said...

I was about to e-mail you to check up on you, and thought I would see if you had posted. Happy to hear you are up and running - so to speak!!

Rian said...

Ah, but it's good to be back making art, no?

Karoda said...

I came here to leave a question asking how you have been and I see that you are back to work and meandering along and this is a good thing :)

Nadler's work on the Abstract Art site is very quilterly! I saved the site to my favorites.

And I having been creating much either with any intent or to completion so time seems hurried, disjointed, unsettled, etc.

Micki said...

I am glad that you are getting back into the "old routine" and feeling better.

Jill Smith said...

Hi, just had to tell you that your blog helped me so much this morning (uk) a friend l had had lied to me, but then l was looking in my favorites and yours l had bookmarked and those colours on yours just lifted me.
I am a textile artist and all the work that l doi is in bright gay colours and the same in my clothes , if l wear a dark colour l feel low and always has done so thank you for your blog today.
If you want to visit me, my blog is called 'like minded thread' and my website is
Will visit you again,

Deb Geyer said...

I'm glad to hear that you are getting back to "normalcy".

Granny Fran said...

Love the painting you shared with us. When checking out the article link I was surprised by a familiar name. Betty Woodman was a clay artist when I lived in Boulder and her husband was one of my professors in the CU Art School. I'm so amazed at the work that Betty is doing now; I had completely lost track of her. Thanks for, indirectly, putting me on to her again.

Kay said...

I always love the way your blog mixes painting-art and quilting-art. Don't worry about something "worthwhile", just keep posting, and keep feeling better.