Thursday, June 08, 2006

A New Phase and Random Thoughts

This painting is by Jay Milder. From Abstract Art Online. I love the color and energy, and even in an internet picture I can get a feel for the "cake frosting" quality of the paint. Great fun.

Lots of things going on here. Work is busy, busy, busy because a) I am still playing "catch up", and b) everyone is bringing me their summer projects for binding and repair. I find that I am absolutely wiped out at the end of the day, even eight weeks out from surgery. On the other hand, as Jerry reminded me, I used to be wiped out after long work days BEFORE I had surgery. I have been working out how to cope with the symptoms of my new phase of life. I attended a "menopause" class, and am trying the black cohosh for relief from hot flashes. I started exercising again, which I hope will help with the stress and emotional upheaval. This has probably been the most disconcerting part. I find myself weepy at the drop of a hat (hearing a song, for example, will set me off). This is very unlike me, and I don't feel quite like myself. I have not made any decisions yet about turning to medication.

We also have a house guest, a friend of Jerry's who has been living in Egypt for the past year. He is a photographer, and he has amazing pictures, both of Egypt and of Darfur. Take a look, they are incredible. What strikes me so forcefully are the beautiful smiles on the faces of some of these people, even after so much suffering. It seems absurd to ever complain about anything when so many have so little. It gives you a lot to think about.


Gerrie said...

Take good care of yourself. I think the exercise is important. Drink lots of water. In time you will just get used to it! I want to check out the photos later.

Gerrie said...
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jenclair said...

As Gerrie says, Take Care of Yourself and don't expect to be back to "normal" immediately. Give yourself time and sympathy.

Rian said...

I know what you mean about weeping at the oddest times. I'll be interested to hear how the black cohosh works for you.

Take it easy, girlfriend. Don't overdo. The world will still turn.

Debra Spincic said...

I did the black cohosh treatment and it worked very well for me. I also did a mild dose of melatonin at bedtime because I was having a hard time getting to sleep and staying asleep. It did the trick. Both supplements are available at the grocery store, which thrilled me to no end. It does take awhile for the cohosh to "kick in" so I would suggest starting it now & letting your body get used to it.

Hang in there!