Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Pretty Colors

These are some wonderful fabrics I bought this weekend, along with a nicely fused stack all ready to work with. The colors really do glow like that. One of the shops I go to very nicely sent me a gift certificate in appreciation for past patronage. Of course I used it and a little besides.Although I do love hand painted and hand dyed fabric, I also love buying it already done. So much less work. In July I will have a little time off, so there may be time to paint some more fabric. As hot as it is, it would dry in about 5 minutes. In the meantime, I have these lovelies to play with.

Fran asked if there was any curved piecing in the last work I shared, and the answer is no, it is all done in the tradition of the Chicago School of Fusing. I also
wanted to say that reading Nancy's book is NOT stressful in any way, except that it is so inspiring you want to drop everything and work on art 24/7 like she apparently does. The book is a wonderful retrospective of work, and also talks about some of her inspirations.
It is well worth owning if you love art books as much as I do.

I read about her classes on another email list. What is "stressful" to me is that she requires a lot of work in a short time, and she wants it to be large. Although I understand the idea of "loosening up" and working more intuitively, I do not want to put time or size constraints on my work. Deborah blogged about art and size a couple of days ago, and I agree that the size of the work should be what it needs to be, not artificially imposed. (An obvious exception would be a commission meant to hang in a specific area, like the one Gerrie just completed.)

Off to work (the paying kind) now, I hope to have more to share with you soon.


Karoda said...

That blue and yellow are really radiant...are they Caryl Fallert's commercial line?

Your photo reminds me that I have to wash out some dyed fabrics...take care.

Rian said...

Oooooh, pretty pretty. Can't wait to see what comes of them.

Shelina said...

whoa - I forgot to put my sunglasses on!

Granny Fran said...

There's hope for me, I can fuse! even if I doubt I could do complicated curved piecing. Thanks for answering my question.

I love those brilliant fabrics. What will you do with them? Do you have an idea yet?

Anonymous said...

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