Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Quilt Content

This child's quilt can be used to play "I Spy" or the "Match" game since there are two of each square. It is going into my friend's "hope chest" for a grandchild that hasn't even been thought of yet (at least not by the future parents). That's what I call prepared!

This is the "Egg Money Quilt", made using the book by Eleanor Burns. Based on traditional quilt blocks and made from 30's reproduction fabric, I think it looks very fresh and "spring like". Made by my friend Andine.

This was a "mystery quilt", made by my friend Gayle. You know I love those warm autumn colors.

I am enjoying having a few days off this month, although I am going in to work for a little while this afternoon. Not much new on the art front, but I have been sewing away on some UFOs. Who knows, I may even finish something.


Shelina said...

That match quilt is such a great idea! I am making a Once Upon a Story Quilt, which uses novelty squares with lines to them to make stories. I really like autumn colors too.

jenclair said...

How funny! Today I was thinking about making a quilt for Mila with some kind of interaction...I was thinking along the line of nursery rhymes. Now I have two possibilities to play with!

Deb R said...

I always enjoy seeing the pics from when you and your local quilty friends get together!