Wednesday, March 21, 2007

More quilts

Here I am, up in the middle of the night and still struggling with crummy cold symptoms. Not that I feel sorry for myself or anything :) Thanks for your get well wishes, I do appreciate the positive thoughts.

Here, to change the subject, are a few more quilty projects.

Here my friend Cindy shows her "big giant star", always a favorite fast gift quilt to make. You can make it even easier by using huge half square triangles. The second quilt is from a "Buggy Barn" pattern, Hearts and Stars.
Here is the same quilt pattern done in brighter colors and shared by our friend Kathy at the Jan meeting. You can guess which ones I like the best.


Cheryl said...

What is this wonderful piece on the right side of your blog? Is it ala Melody Johnson? And how is the new design wall? I'm hoping a design wall is in my summer studio plans.

Micki said...

The quilts all look fantastic. Gerry's quilt looks great and love the back fabric. Hope you get to feeling better.

Scrapmaker said...

Cheryl, yes this was influenced by Melody and was done with fusing.
I like the design wall, but it is portable and therefore not as sturdy as something attached to the wall. Jen