Thursday, March 29, 2007

Working In A Series

"The Listening Eye #1", Dorothea Rockburne, 2001

"The Listening Eye #2", Dorothea Rockburne, 2001

"The Listening Eye #3" , Dorothea Rockburne, 2001

"The Listening Eye #4", Dorothea Rockburne, 2001
I loved this series, so I thought I would share. I also liked the way copper was incorporated into each piece.
The artist's statement:
"Personally, as part of the creative process, I always title a work before I make it. In that way, from the outset, I know exactly what it is. I try to work with inspiration, intuition, knowledge and magic. It is a journey, inward and outward, deeply personal and yet having a commonality. And when I am through there is a painting, an object with dimension, and yet the real object exists as the experience I have gained in making the painting. The painting itself then contains everything I know and am at that moment and since I am always changing, the paintings are always changing."© Dorothea Rockburne 1989
This artist's statement interested me. How many of you start with the title before you even begin the work? For me it is entirely the other way around.


Karoda said...

I have never thought of that...starting with a title...but I guess it still doesn't matter because I bet the process of actually making the art is the same no matter what...ya know how a piece will begin to take a different form in the process?? I bet that still happens even when one begins with a title. I'd like to pose the question to this artist.

Micki said...

Interesting work and work method. But I am like you, I usually have the idea but not a title until the piece is finished. However, I have on occasion had the title first.

Meredith said...

I have had teh title come up first. Usually the same word or phrase keeps cropping up .