Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

I can't share the art quilt I have been working on, but here is a little Valentine's Day wallhanging I made for the kitchen.

To fit in with the color scheme, here is a darling little quilt made by my friend Pam for her new granddaughter. Very sweet and fun. My own bright posey quilt is still hanging in my closet, only partially quilted. I kind of lost interest, but I do want to finish it this year. One of many projects like that, I'm afraid.

In her comment on the last post, Fran asked if I would applique the quilt version of my painted design. I think it will be a combination of methods, possibly piecing the gentle curves in the background and appliqueing shapes on top. I have set the painting and quilt idea I showed you aside for a time since I am working on something else with a deadline. I am not always so good on follow through, especially if it is not work or family related. Sometimes my own creative work gets pushed to the side when the schedule gets full. I do look forward to the day when my creative time IS my work, but I can't afford to quit the day job just yet. I have many years invested in my career and a retirement to look forward to if I hang in there. I can't imagine a more wonderful way to live than making art every day, just for the joy of it. I do my best to fit in time for it, since I believe with all my heart that it feeds my spirit and is at the core of who I am. Still, it's hard to get enough hours in the day.

Jerry and I have gone back to walking daily at the lake for exercise. The holidays were followed by a lengthy cold and rainy spell, and we just got out of the habit. We enjoy our time walking and talking, just taking in the natural beauty around us. He is working a LOT so we both need this time to do something healthy and relieve stress. I have been with my sweetheart for over 33 years, 31+ of them in a happy marriage. I hope we have many more Valentine's Day celebrations together.

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Barbara C said...

Your little quilt is so cheerful. What a fun little project.

I know what you mean about looking forward to retirement. I love my job, but I look forward to having more free time to create. Someday (sigh).

Happy Valentine's day!

The Carolina Quilter said...

I love your heart wallhanging--so pretty and cheery! Glad you've been with your sweetheart 33 years (I won't ask about the discrepancy in years of happiness!). My DH and I have been married nearly 23 years and I love him more and more.