Monday, February 25, 2008

Winter in Southern California

I think this bush is called sweet broom.

Clouds show that there will be rain coming in tomorrow.

Yesterday was rainy again, all day long. Saturday was beautiful, though, so I took some pictures in the yard. I love winter in Southern California.

There is a little downside, though. See all those pretty yellow wildflowers (wild mustard, I think) on the hillside? ALL of that has to be cut down when it starts to dry out and becomes fodder for brush fire. I'm not complaining, though. I'd still rather clear brush than shovel snow.


Gerrie said...

Beautiful scenery!

Karoda said...

okay, now you are just showing off ;) and making me envious! winter is not my friend but if it held the colours like you're showing here, i could come to at least like winter.

dee said...

Beautiful pictures Jen. Thanks for them. It's still so gray here. The only yellow flowers I can see are some way-to-early forsythia and some store-bought daffs. Still, it cheered me up a lot.
That quilt by your friend is amazing and huge!

lyric said...

Hello Jen,
Thanks for such a fun blog! I'm working on a new lecture on the basic elements of art and caught site of the blue, orange, and green quilt in your sidebar. It would make a lovely example of the way line and color lead the eye to a focal point. Might you be willing to share?
Let me know!

Rian said...

I love winter best of all. Summers were too hot (for me) in southern California, but up here on the central coast they're cool and foggy. Weather here (except for the winter storm last week that took out two more trees) has been absolutely glorious!