Saturday, March 01, 2008

Big Fun

Since I need some visuals, here are more pictures from the yard. This last one is my sweet old girl Nikki taking her sunbath. She will be 14 in May. We have been having a few challenges with her lately, mainly with her confusion and quirky behaviour. The vet gave me some new medication that is supposed to help with cognitive function. Nikki has good days and bad days, much like a person who has dementia. We jolly her along, sing songs to her, and gently guide her where she needs to go. We coax her to eat and give her lots of affection. It's the least we can do after she has given us a lifetime of devoted companionship. She still has a mostly good quality of life, so we will continue on until that isn't true anymore.

Today will be a day of BIG FUN for me. This is the start of the San Diego County Quilter's Run, and I am meeting 9 of my quilter girlfriends for a shopping day marathon. Looking around at my stash I see that I really have no business going into quilt shops, but I wouldn't miss a day of fun with my friends for anything. We will start early, carpool from shop to shop, and laugh all day long. We will finish our day with a a nice dinner out and maybe a glass of wine. When I return home I will be happy and exhausted, and maybe I will even have a few treasures.


Granny Fran said...

Oh my, what a difference in the way February looks in Southern California and southeastern Colorado. I wonder if some of the dog's cognitive function meds would help me?

Granny Fran said...

Make that March, February is already gone.

The Carolina Quilter said...

That did sound like a lot of fun! And your yard is beautiful. Here in upstate SC, our daffodils are just blooming and out temps are vascillating back and forth from the mid-60's during the day back down to 32 degrees at night.