Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Get Ready For Summer

I thought I'd show you the great quilt my friend Kathy made and shared at our last quilt group meeting. What a hoot! (This is all applique and not a panel.) She made it for a dear friend of her mom's, but unfortunately I think I can see myself in this picture.

In most parts of the country Spring is just getting started, but here we are gearing up quickly for summer. Inland temps are going to be up near 90 today. I love the sunshine but not the heat, so I don't look forward to those triple digits that are sure to arrive when summer really gets here. On the coast it will be much milder. I have to spend most of the day indoors at work so I won't be seeing much outside until very late in the afternoon. I love that we have daylight savings time again and have so much more time for our evening walks at the lake.

I have been working like mad to get everything together to submit to the "Voice Great Within Us" show. I love the piece I made for it and I think I have a good chance to get in. I can't share it here just yet though. I only have a day or two left to get some better photos since I'm not happy with the ones I've taken so far.

On the family front, we are also working madly to get a quilt together for the next wedding shower to be held in April. We have a family tradition of making a quilt for each wedding with all the women participating. The men would be welcome to help us too, but so far none have shown an interest. To tell the truth, I think it is more fun with just the girls. My sister in law Diane and I cut all the pieces and made "block kits" to pass out to the participants. We will have an assembly day at the end of the month. I will share pictures when we get it all together.

In the yard we have a mammoth project to remove the turf and make a drought tolerant garden. What a lot of work! We clearly are going to have to hire some help for this one. We visited the Cuyumaca College gardens to get ideas, and we found that we already have many of the plants they are showing. Jerry is changing out most of the irrigation in the yard to drip now. We have had the orchard on drip for years but we always had the typical grass lawn up near the house. I hope this isn't one of those projects that drags on and on. Wish us luck!


Kimberly said...

Love Kathy's quilt! Made me LOL :-)
What a great family tradition to make a quilt together. I'm the only quilter in mine (so far, but I have hopes for my daughter!).

Granny Fran said...

Have fun creating your drought tolerant garden. I did our extra lot with local low water plants because we moved in her the winter after our worse drought and wild fire year. I really love my mini prairie. I learned a lot about these type of gardens at the Denver Botanical Gardens which pioneered this type of planting many years ago. Their display xeriscape gardens are wonderful.

Shelina said...

That quilt is adorable and hilarious at the same time.

What a great family tradition to make a quilt together for a wedding. Nobody else in my family quilts.

Kim West said...

What a great quilt!!!!

Gerrie said...

Sometimes I miss the early arrival of spring and summer, but it really has been quite pleasant here this year.

Cute quilt.