Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Checking In

As you can see, I've finally gotten to use my new space and am working on a happy mess. I'm having great fun using the inks and markers along with my fabric collage. Guess I'm on a "blue" kick lately. Blue room, blue themed project. Maybe I''m trying to make myself feel cooler. The last couple of days have been way too HOT for April.

Outside in the yard, (you can get just a peek at the dirt and rocks through the window) things are a mess as we proceed with creating the water conservation landscape. Just in time, too, since we got a notice that water charges are going up again. We must use water to keep the fruit trees going, and even on drip irrigation it gets expensive. After we are finished, almost everything will be on drip. Traditional sprinklers that spray out into the air waste water through too much evaporation. Things will be a little dull outside until we get the plantings in, but at least I have my indoor flowers. I love flowers and the little potted ones last longer.

I don't know what little Nikki thinks of all this, but she has claimed her spot in the new space.


Rian said...

That's a great space, Jen! Blue rug, too! Nikki likes it.

Niki said...

Get listed! It's my newest blog venture :)