Sunday, December 21, 2008

Another Beautiful Quilt

I know you are here to see more party quilts so...Here is a close view of the quilt "State of Grace", made by Cindy for Carla. The pattern is one of the "strip club" patterns put out by Cozy Quilt, (right down the street from me), and the fabric is one of the Moda "jelly roll" strip sets.

It is a lovely quilt, and clearly Carla is delighted with it. I have the book with the pattern and may have to make it some time. A lot of impact for a quilt that is not too difficult to make. My kind of pattern.

Here are some of my friends, Kathy and Pam Tobias. This past year was one of big change for both of them (weight loss wise.) I am proud of them and take encouragement from their huge accomplishments. I will show "before and after" pictures in some future post.

Friends Barbara and Pam B., both quilters extraordinaire. Barbara has a long arm business and Pam T. does amazing work on a domestic machine. I take great inspiration from both of them.
I cannot begin to imagine reaching their level of expertise, but practice makes perfect, right? I got just a few more pictures into the camera before the battery died, so I will share at least a few more quilts in the days to come. Hope you are all enjoying these days of holiday preparation! I love Christmas, almost as much as Thanksgiving, so it is a happy time for me.


Anonymous said...

Yep, you're right, we're here to see more party quilts! That one is gorgeous!

dee said...

I really enjoy your party pictures. Can't believe how beautiful that quilt is that Gayle made for Cindy. That's an amazing piece and so beautifully made. What a treasure.

Hope your Christmas is a peaceful one full of sweet moments with family.

Kay said...

I remember these from past years. They're just as beautiful this time. Thanks.