Saturday, December 27, 2008

A Big, Bright Quilt

This cheerful quilt wins the prize for big and bright. Lisa made the quilt for Nancy, who loves anything as long as it is orange or yellow. Needless to say, she was delighted.

Hope you all are enjoying the holiday time with your families! We have been celebrating (and still are) with our son Andy. He arrived here on Christmas Eve from San Francisco after a flight delay of only three and a half hours. Compared to many travelers he was lucky. I felt so sorry for the people spending the holiday stuck in an airport somewhere.

On Christmas day we enjoyed a lovely brunch and a nice visit with Jerry's brother Jeff and his family, and in the evening I made lasagna for dinner. Somehow in the year he has lived away, my son has become a huge fan of the food network, so yesterday we shopped and spent the afternoon cooking together. At the market we found gorgeous peppers of every hue at a good price, so we made a lovely bruschetta appetizer with peppers, tomato and pesto. After that we made gnocchi from scratch and served it with tiny meatballs made of hot Italian sausage, topped with a basil cream sauce and asiago cheese. It was all easier than I thought it would be. Richer too. I think my hope of not gaining weight during the holidays is disappearing fast.

Our family celebrating is far from over. Today we have our BIG family Christmas party. It will be a lot of fun and even better, I am NOT the hostess :) My only duties for this one are to bring green salad (for 50) and some beautifully wrapped white elephant gifts. This year should be lots of fun since there will be more children at the party and someone will be arriving dressed as Santa.


Marco said...

hello from Italy


Gerrie said...

Love the bright orange quilt.

My son is a great cook. He now grows his own veggies, too.

I miss the big family gatherings. Have fun!!

Anonymous said...

Holy smokes, that IS a big family!! What fun--Have a wonderful time. I was doing fine not gaining weight until Allan brought a box of Sees.

Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

I am SO impressed with the quilts your group did.