Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Workshop Fun

This past weekend I participated in a monoprint and soy wax batik workshop, hosted by Jane LaFazio and taught by Melanie Testa.

Here I am discovering the happy accident of a ghost print after using some onion bag netting to make an imprint. I am more excited about what I learned than what I produced, although once I have removed the wax and washed the cloth I will share the results of my exercises. I promptly ordered some supplies from Dharma, and now that I am hooked I expect more of this activity in my artistic future. A huge thank you to Mells, Jane, and my enthusiastic classmates for a great experience!


Jo said...

Jenny G,

I feel the same way about being more excited about what I've learned than my first batch of fabric although my favorite pieces are the last ones we "batik'd" LOL

I'll be checking here for your new creations.


rianammerman said...