Thursday, March 31, 2005


Today is a holiday in California, Cesar Chavez day. As the result of working for a state university, I have this lovely sunny day off. I wish I could export a little of this lovely weather to share with those of you who are suffering from the winter blues. At 7 am it was already bright and warming up, so I took my "girls" (picture below) outside for some play. I took a few pictures with my digital and did some lazy gardening here and there. I sat out for a while in the shade and enjoyed my coffee. After my "boys" (husband and son) left for the day I cleaned house and spent a little time here on my computer. Now, I still have not made it back to work on any of my projects, but there is still plenty of afternoon and evening left. I thought I might get some pictures of those up today, but since I spent so much time outside, it might not happen. I will try to share a little more of my sunny morning.

I still make traditional quilts for gifts (and for us to use), and I have a backing to finish. Also a baby quilt to finish quilting. Eventually I would love to have a quilting system (longarm maybe), but I need to wait a while. First, money to buy it. Second, a place to put it other than the living room. In time.

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