Monday, April 18, 2005

Packin' for Paducah

Well, it was one of those whirlwind weekends, and except for changing my blog's appearance, I didn't get a chance to read blogs or write here. I checked on one or two today, but there won't be too much time to do more.

Yesterday was a fun, fun gathering of friends for sewing and we did the usual laughing, talking, and eating with a little stitching thrown in to give us all an excuse to be together. Nine of us are going to be in Paducah at the same time and we are pretty excited about the trip. My friend Pam Tobias owns Quilt in a Bag, so she will be working the show, along with two others from our group. We are going to try to meet for a late dinner at least a couple of times. Pam is someone I admire very much. Since surviving breast cancer, she started this business as a way of working in something she feels passionate about, and to be able help the cause. Obviously, pre-selected fabrics and patterns in a kit are not designed for the quilt art group, but traditional quilters who don't want to make those decisions love them, and Pam does a great job.

I will be staying with six other friends in, are you ready for this?, a cabin on the lake about 15 miles outside of town. I am so hoping that this will be a GOOD adventure. We ended up agreeing to stay there because we made our plans so late, and there was NOTHING else in the way of lodging available. So I guess it will be one trip in to town each morning, and one trip home at night. I suspiciously asked "just how rustic are we talking here?" and was assured that there are bathrooms and running water. If it's not so great, at least we will have some funny stories to tell when its all over. I won't be packing a lap top, so see you back here in about a week...


Karoda said...

Last year my sis and i stayed at a state park on the lake that was wonderful!!!! Enjoy AQS!

Lisa, Procrastinator Extraordinaire said...

Oooh! Have a great time and take lots of pictures. I'm insanely jealous, of course.

I hope they meant both cold and HOT running water... Looking forward to the fun stories and pictures of all your purchases when you return.