Thursday, December 01, 2005

Louise Nevelson

Louise Nevelson, Russian-born American Abstract Expressionist Sculptor, 1899-1988. If you have time to browse,
see more here.
Read a facinating 1972 interview with Louise Nevelson here.


Lisa Call said...

I think her work is really quite "quilt like" with all the boxes. Definitely block based!

Valeri said...

Great inspiration. This is work I haven't come across before so thanks for posting.

Rayna said...

When I was in college, Louise Nevelson came to give a lecture about her art. She was quite a classy lady.

Cheryl said...


I'm way behind in my blog reading. Love your librarian type posts, always suggesting books, artists, realated information. You're terrific! I visited the Columbus OH art museum last week and saw a Nevelson up close and personal. It was a wonderful, big, black crrazy quilt.

Anonymous said...

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