Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Road to California

I am getting ready to go to the Road to California quilt show (Deb R. I will seek out your quilt "Eyes of the Sun" to see in person. Isn't that where it went after PAQA?) Who else has quilts there? Gerrie, Diane, and ?
If anyone is going and you think you might have time to connect, email me and I will send you my cell phone #. I will be leaving early tomorrow morning.
Some things I hope to be learning about are: using Tsineko inks to create realistic faces, using various thread and other embellishments in art quilts, creating an impressionistic portrait, and primitive African folk art embroidery. I have experimented already with a number of things but am open to learning from someone who might actually know what they are doing. I will also be laughing a lot with a few of my quilting pals who are also going. We plan in advance to be very silly and enjoy being carefree for a few days. Well, we will pretend to be carefree anyway.

I finished my journal quilt for January last night. I will post about that when I get home tonight, or tomorrow before I leave.


Deb R said...

Um, no, sorry, that's where I'd hoped to have it go, but I putzed around and missed the entry deadline. :-/

I need a keeper!!

quiltnbee said...

I'm making a quick trip on Saturday...will try to keep the credit card in my purse and concentrate on the quilts...Have fun!

Jane Ann said...

Jen, I am a quilting newbie and I don't even know what half the things you will learn about ARE. Please give lots of details when you get back. No need to tell you to have a good time--how can you miss?

JulieZS said...

I have a quilt in the Artful Deck exhibit, Queen of Hearts. Have fun at the show!

Anonymous said...

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