Friday, September 14, 2007

Friday Moment of Gratitude

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Ah Friday, last day of the work week. The cooling trend is continuing, and we expect lovely weather this weekend. This morning we walked at the lake, and I saw a pair of breathtaking herons take off from the marshes just as the sun rose. The eucalyptus trees, stripped of their bark, glowed whitely in the new light. Runners, walkers, dog exercisers all waved or nodded a friendly hello as they passed. It was peaceful and beautiful.

I have done nothing to deserve the pleasant, safe and secure life I now enjoy. Chatting away about my small concerns when so much of great and serious import is happening in the world. Such is the juxtaposition of solemn tragedy and the frivolous in my mind. My life is so full of beauty and blessing, the least I can do is to meet it with gratitude.


Gerrie said...

OH, I hope you are feeling better!! I really share your feelings of gratitude for my own life in a world that sometimes seems to have gone mad. Thank you for reminding us.

Granny Fran said...

An Attitude of Gratitude is the answer to keeping our sanity in an insane world. We have such blessings that we'd better have gratitude.

Jane Ann said...

Beautiful post, Jen. It's nice you're in such a good place right now.

Rian said...

You definitely deserve it. It's called Karma, baby.