Sunday, February 22, 2009

Last of the Party Quilts

Here is the quilt Pam T. made for Sheryl. She likes the dark country pallette and traditional patterns.

Here is the quilt Sheryl made for Lisa, who likes scrappy quilts and folk art applique.

Here is the oh so traditional log cabin barn raising quilt I made for Joan in her favorite Civil War reproduction fabrics.

Last, but not least, is the show stopper Joan made for me. Love those bright poppies against the dark background. I LOVE my quilt. Joan did a beautiful job in making me a quilt I will always treasure.
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Gerrie said...

Well, aren't you the lucky girl !! That is downright gorgeous. I am back home in Portland. Enjoyed warming up in the south land and seeing some gorgeous quilts.

Quiltnbee said...

Wowowow! That purple with the brilliant orange poppies is STUNNING! I absolutely LOVE it! I'm sure you are smiling down to your toes with that one and probably still looking at it every chance you get! Yes, indeed, you are a lucky girl! =-)

Debra said...

WOW! pretty ones, every one of them and especially yours, Jen!

Barbara C said...

It's always a treat to see these beautiful quilts. Thanks for sharing!