Thursday, February 05, 2009

My New Boot

Here's a picture of my new boot. Lovely, isn't it? I got this stylish accessory just one week ago, not long after taking a spectacular spill right off the step of our deck. Apparently I torqued my foot going down enough to break one of the metatarsal bones. At least the cast isn't plaster, and I can still walk in it, after a fashion. This definitely puts a crimp in all my well laid plans and projects (living room is half painted, for example).

The good news is that while I was home I had some time to fiddle around with some thread sketching and painting. This thread sketch was backed with felt, so the "sketch" lines are actually free motion quilting. After I made the sketch, I added color using fabric paint, inks and acryllics.

Never one to leave well enough alone, as part of the experiment, I cut out the image and used it for applique. Now I'm adding colored thread. I really have no idea if this is going further, but as an experimental technique, it has possibilities.

I'm back to work now, broken foot and all, but at least the workroom is back to normal (messy and in use).


Gerrie said...

I think you are making lemonade from lemons. So sorry to hear about your unlucky break! Love the stitching and painting.

Debra said...

I feel your pain. I did almost the same thing once carrying a basket of dirty clothes down steps and missed the last step. It was enough to put me in a cast for 6 of the longest weeks in my life.

Like your thread play!

Rebecca said...

Isn't there some saying about no art without pain? Sorry for your pain, but LOVE your art!

Anonymous said...

Oh, NOOOOO! Sorry to hear about your broken foot. I hope it isn't too painful. The threadplay is absolutely gorgeous--you are a natural at this!