Monday, June 27, 2005

Chaotic Weekend

Saturday was a circus at my house, and Sunday wasn't much better. We had carpet cleaning, plumbing repair, tree limb cutting and hauling, lawn mowing, house cleaning, and a group quilt project. Whew! I think that wasn't even everything, I am so tired. The things I actually did myself were the house cleaning, lawn mowing and working on the quilt project. Oh, and tons of laundry.

We are making a comfort quilt for a very sick friend from our quilt group. Two of my friends came over in the midst of all this activity and we retreated to my room to cut material and make "block kits" for the people who will be sewing and contributing to the quilt. Happily, it is all done, and I think the fabric we are using will be perfect.

I am pleased to have so much done and I hope to catch up with the blog world soon. Four more days until my big chunk of time off!


ginger said...

that is a few weekends worth I think...doesn't it amaze you when you start to list the things you do in a day? Ginger

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