Thursday, June 09, 2005

Skinny Daily

For folks who are trying to be "virtuous" (ie: adopt a healthier lifestyle), here is a helpful website that has great links, personal stories, exercise and food tips etc. This is free, and different people have used different approaches, but there is a lot of common sense here, and did I mention it is FREE? Check it out:

From the website:
There are eight Skinny Daily Post habits, skills we work on all the time here. They are:
Skill 1: Committing to Change Forever
Skill 2: Writing Things Down
Skill 3: Planning to Fail
Skill 4: Talking to Yourself
Skill 5: Making Time
Skill 6: Moving Daily
Skill 7: Eating Well
Skill 8: Getting Help

Just had to share that. I have been exercising lots and feeling better, except for the looming dental work which I won't bore you with. I'm doing well on my eating plan, too, which for me is WW rather than SBD, except that I tweak it to eliminate white flour and minimize sugar. I don't let the sugar go completely though, I still have the occasional WW dessert and I eat fresh fruit every day. My best eating strategy so far has been to cook at least one interesting vegetable dish at dinner time and fill at least half my plate with that. This is in addition to a huge salad, which I also try to keep interesting by adding a large variety of colorful chopped vegetables and greens.

I gave a lot of thought to Gabrielle's "regrets" topic and decided not post at length, but like most of her recent posts it gave me good food for thought. Make sure you tell the people you love how you feel about them.