Sunday, June 05, 2005

Yard work

Yard work Posted by Hello

Yesterday I spent some frustrating time in my studio, then gave it up and went outside to help with yard work. DH took down lots of stuff that looks like this. Every year, we have to make sure that none of this gets out of control before it gets too hot. There is extreme fire danger in Southern California every summer, and this year we had so much rain that everything is pretty overgrown. The big fires in 2003 came within a mile of us, and that was absolutely terrifying. I knew several people who lost their homes. So, we keep at it. We do an awful lot of work on our little acre. The best thing about yesterday's yard work was that we planted another tree, an Asian Pear. These are delicious, so I will be very happy if it does well.

I got back into my room in the evening and had some fun working on something traditional and less challenging. It was very soothing. I think I am about ready to start a thoroughly planned project, one where you love the sketch in advance, work out all the colors, and number all the pieces and... all of that. I don't usually prefer to work that way, but it is less likely to end in a mess. For all my brave talk about "all work is useful and look what we learn", it is still very disappointing to crash and burn, artistically speaking.

Today, I am going to spend the day with my quilting buddies, sewing and talking and laughing and oh, trying really hard not to eat. I am packing carrots. NO kidding, I will probably have to resist my favorite food group, chocolate. One of my lovely friends always says "oh, but you can't quilt without chocolate." Wish me luck.