Friday, July 08, 2005

A Fun and Friendly Fabric Day

Some of the loot Posted by Picasa

Today I finally met Lisa (aka Procrastinator Extraordinaire) and we had a wonderful day shoppping at Rosie's (mega huge quilt shop in the San Diego area) and having lunch at Marie Callendar's. We each had to drive about 30 minutes to get to the fabric shop, so in addition to being the best possible destination, it seemed fair to split the difference, distance wise.

As artful quilters, we both tend to like fabrics that look as if we could have made them ourselves (but without the work). I'm not so sure we were a good influence on each other's budget (go on, buy it, you know you need it), plus we kept stealing bolts from each other's stack, but next to actually making an artful quilt, this was my favorite kind of fun day!

Lisa brought a couple of things to share, and I was so happy to see them "in person". In particular, the lovely sparkley fabric she made and used (see pictures on her blog) with the black background. She explained how it was done (chopped scraps, angelina fibers, lame, sewn like mad over solvy). It is absolutely gorgeous and no pictures do it justice. The same can be said of the bright quilt I have pictured here. It is an assortment of great techniques (different folds and stitching) that just don't show up in the pictures. I tried zooming and cropping etc, but it didn't work to show the detail, it just got blurry.

I'm so glad I had a chance to meet a fellow artful quilt blogger. Lisa is warm and relaxed and was easy to meet and talk to. Honestly, I felt like I already knew her, which in a way I do. If any of you find yourselves in our area, Lisa and I agreed that we would love to meet you, and perhaps even escort you on a tour of our local fabric shop(s).


Deb R said...

Oh, GOOD fabrics! I like your entire haul! Lisa's quilts look great too. Sounds like such a fun day. But you forgot to mention one important fact...

Lisa had on some Way CUTE sandals!!

It's all about the shoes, baby. :-D

Sonji Hunt said...

Can't wait to see what you always. Do you ever have trouble cutting into a nice big piece of delicious fabric?

Valeri said...

What delicious fabrics. Way cool! I covet them! :-)

jenclair said...

What fun! Meeting a fellow blogger, lunch, and shopping - sounds like a wonderful day. Great additions to your stash!

Anonymous said...

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