Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Just Dropping In

Hello friends. I have been meaning to post, but was trying to hold out until I had something great to show you. Um, that hasn't happened yet. I have spent a lot of my remaining vacation time working on "domestic goddess" stuff (tongue firmly in cheek). Cleaning, organizing, browsing cookbooks and meal planning, even fiddling with decorating. The meal planning thing is to keep us interested and motivated to eat in a healthy way and lose weight. I have no shortage of cookbooks here, have I mentioned that I am a cookbook addict? Along with every other kind of book I seem to collect , there is a nice library of cookbooks. It makes no difference at all that I could never in my lifetime prepare all of these recipes, nor does it matter that I am often too lazy to cook unless I can figure out the shortcut. Could be we have grilled chicken and salad (yet again....)

I have started a new quilt about sea turtles, and I am enjoying working on it. It is whimsical and bright, but to my mind not terribly original. I will finish it though, and yes, eventually there will be pictures. I am also working on a traditional red and white quilt that will be a gift. Otherwise, the last week of my vacation is slipping though my fingers like sand. Where does the time go?

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