Thursday, July 28, 2005

Work In Progress

Sea Turtles progressing Posted by Picasa
I added fish, some paint to try to improve the contrast, small orange triangles in the right border...I have another large orange triangle border for the bottom...maybe. I might ditch the large triangle borders altogether, although it means unsewing. Brilliant multi color print for outer border. I love the fabric so much I think I have to use it. Beads for the back of the turtle shells if I ever get that far.


Gerrie said...

I think you should lose the large orange triangles. Yourintuition is right! JMHO!

Scrapmaker said...

Thanks Gerrie! They are so gone. Jen

Sonji Hunt said...

Too bad. I was just going to write that I think the orange triangle borders are fantastic. I love the little trickling triangles off to the side too.

I am a fan of reiterating shapes in borders. I think that the orange geometry helps pull some light out of the main design.

Love the turtles, love anything water related. So excited that you will bead their shells.

Anonymous said...

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