Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Quilt for a Friend

Sunday was my turn to be hostess for our little quilt group. This of course meant that I spent Saturday furiously cleaning, arranging, decorating with flowers, and meal planning. I actually love to do all of these things, frenzy and all. You may recall that I love all of these wonderful women, and that they are also very traditional quilters. We made these blocks for a comfort quilt for one of our members who has been through some harrowing surgery and has been very ill. I am pleased to report that she has been showing steady signs of improvement and is getting better every day. (It's extremely unlikely that she will read this blog, so I feel pretty safe in sharing with you).

Thanks to those who dropped by and commented on the last blog (fabulous fabric shopping day). Sonji asked if I hated to cut into lovely fabric. Yes, I do, unless the vision I have for it means that it will be better for the change...isn't that true for all of us? There is always the whole cloth quilt...