Friday, February 03, 2006

All in the Family

For a few days I have been working on string quilt blocks to make use of some of my old stash, but, trust me, it isn't interesting enough to take a picture of. Instead I will show you some very exciting art.

This is "Importance of the Neutral Color Red" done in 1959 by Alice Trumbull Mason.

This is "Compass" by Emily Mason. Not sure of the year

This is "Cloud" by Cecily Kahn, 2005.

Besides the fact that these are beautiful works of art, can you guess why I have shown them all together?

These are three generations of women painters. As far as I know Emily is still alive and working and Cecily has established herself as well. Just in case that wasn't enough art in one family, here is a little something by Emily's husband (Cecily's father) Wolf Kahn.

"Blue Triangle", Wolf Kahn, 2004

Can't you just imagine what it was like around their house?

Here are some links: Wolf Kahn, Emily Mason, Cecily Kahn, Alice Trumbull. You can get lost in these beautiful pure forms and colors. It's interesting to me that Wolf Kahn was, of the four artists here, the one who painted the most recognizable subjects (landscapes), but he has clearly moved towards abstraction. I imagine it would be impossible not to have your own work influenced by an artist you lived with. So, what do you think?


Cheryl said...

Thanks for the glimpse into the works of this amazing family.

Deb Geyer said...

Thanks. I have heard of artists living together that insisted on having seperate studios so they can work alone. But I agree, they surely influence one another even out side of the studio.

Sonji Hunt said...

Those Emily Mason colors are to die for. YUMILICIOUS. Sometimes I have to stop myself from overusing that combination.

Karoda said...

I'm wondering if there are autobiographies? What do you know about them? I'm gonna go check on amazon.

Frances said...

thanks Jen, I love your art tours and these are all interesting I would like to find time to follow the links,

Anonymous said...

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