Saturday, February 18, 2006

Rainy Saturday Morning

A thousand thanks to everyone who had a suggestion to cope with insomnia. Thursday night, I did some deep breathing, took a hot shower with lavender body wash, listened to relaxing music, drank chammomile tea, and took a benadryl :) . Out like a light and slept all the way through 'til morning. Did the same on Friday night, except no benadryl, and only woke up once. Hopefully the good sleeping will continue. I can't believe how much better I feel.

I awoke to wet ground and cloudy skies, and the rain continued through the morning. We are desperate for rain here, and it almost looked like the trees were singing, they were so happy to have the dust washed from their leaves. It was chilly, so we made a nice fire in our big stone fireplace and enjoyed our morning coffee. Then Jerry cooked a nice big breakfast with lovely omelets and we watched a movie, "The Thing About My Folks". Two tissues, at least. It was one of those movies that the critics hated but I liked. Certainly worth the price of a DVD rental.

The rest of my day is wonderfully open ended and I feel like going back to my workroom. See you later.


Rian said...

Hey Jen, is there snow on the mountains down there? That's one of the things I miss about southern California--snowy peaks after a winter storm. We don't have high enough mountains up here on the central coast. But it's cold enough, though. Brrrrr! We even had a little snow flurries in some areas yesterday.

Glad to hear you're feeling a little better.

Gerrie said...

HA! You got rain? We just have freezing cold weather. So glad you are feeling better and getting some sleep.