Sunday, May 29, 2005

Finally, we are fast enough with the camera to catch a smile from the man of the hour. Posted by Hello

First off, a heartfelt thanks to those of you who sent birthday wishes or posted comments to my blog. I am just so pleased I don't know what to do. I tried to send some emails, but for some reason had trouble with that yesterday. I really do appreciate it when you visit and let me know about it. I love having on-line friends!

Saturday morning started out great. I actually slept in, and when I got up, DH was fixing me a fabulous breakfast. (I am riding this birthday train for a month, if I can.) We relaxed and did a little work around the house, then went off to church for Sat. night service followed by the christening of our great-nephew. Following that was another LARGE family gathering, highlighted by lots of baby squeezing and more good food. This baby is quite a chunky armful and looks to me a lot older than his age of three months, but that might be because he took his time getting here.

Sunday morning a goodly number of us put the restaurant staff of "Country Comfort" to the test by meeting for breakfast and lingering over coffee. They were gracious and brought the right food to the right people, and it was still hot. Not an easy thing to serve a tasty breakfast to a couple dozen people who have taken over half your restaurant. Kudos to them for a job well done.

Home from brunch now and really, ready for a nap, but no, we have to give our dogs haircuts and baths. I know there are folks who are better at this and do it for a living, but DH has this funny idea that we will do it better and more gently. He spoils our dogs shamelessly. Maybe after these chores, I will get into my studio. Happily, I have the holiday tomorrow, so I am sure to get there before the weekend is over.


teri springer said...

That is one georgous grandson!!!


Sonji Hunt said...

He is so cute and happy and healthy looking! Just adorable. And he does look much older than three months.