Friday, May 06, 2005

Friday At Last

I am thankful that it's Friday at last. End of semester is such a crunch and the atmosphere in the library is one of near panic and tension as exams or final projects loom. Virtually nothing is in its proper place due to an avalanche of returns and hordes of stack destroyers. Not the happy, peaceful place I know and love. In the coming weeks we will gradually discover those journals with razored out articles, and there will be a rash of orders for missing pages and tipping in of same. I cannot understand why people wantonly steal these articles, can it be that they actually cannot afford to pay for copies? As more and more scholarly material becomes available in online format (and we pay a great deal to provide it), you would think this vandalism would decrease, but it does not. Ok, enough of that, I can feel myself revving up for rant mode.

I plan to spend at least part of the weekend painting fabric, which is rapidly becoming my new favorite pastime. I have been reading about some discharge techniques over on the QA list, and I am anxious to try out a thing or two there as well. I also must do a few mundanes: binding on a family gift quilt and to finish quilting and binding a baby quilt. I do not find binding meditative or soothing, to me its merely a chore. Both of these quilts have passed the point of decision for the envelope method, but I see lots of "pillowcases" in my future.

The holiday on Sunday looms as a diffucult one, and my heart goes out to those of you who have so recently suffered losses. Mother's Day is bittersweet at our house, as both of our mothers are gone. If my son remembers, I will have flowers or a card, and I may haul out some of those very cherished treasures from the early years and shed a few tears over them. (Goodness, but I am getting sentimental in my old age.)
Whether you approach this day with joy or sorrow, blessings to you.

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