Saturday, May 07, 2005

Something New in the Driveway

I know you've all been feeling that slight panic when you empty your wallet at the gas pump these days. At least I know I have. In our family, we do LOTS of driving, remember this is Southern California where they are still in the dark ages when it comes to great and reliable public transit. I take a vanpool to work but DH drives 70+ miles a day. We had a slight case of sticker shock when we looked at the new hybrids (battery/gas), not to mention the waiting list is long. Here is our compromise.

What is it? A Toyota Scion XA.


Debra said...

Good news about your selection:

Did you know that the high milage ratings of those hybrids only apply when you aren't running any features in your car?? (like your AC or your radio?)

Turn on the AC or the radio, and the battery goes for running those, and you drive on pure gasoline.

So you saved money, and get the milage closer to what you expect.

Anonymous said...

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