Friday, May 27, 2005

Fish quilt I made for my great nephew. It is backed with blue Minkee. Soft! Posted by Hello

A word about Minkee...I found it very hard to quilt on my small sewing machine. I was not able to do some of the free motion work I had in mind, so I settled for curving "wave lines" and some echo quilting. If I had it to do again, I might go see my friend with the longarm.


ginger said...

What a lucky boy! This is lovely, I think it so wonderful to hand make items for those we love. I always feel more woven into the lives of those I make something for, and feel especially loved when I am made for!! Ginger

Scrapmaker said...

Thank you Ginger, I couldn't agree more. I love the idea of a little part of me being a part of that sweet little baby's life. And the quilts I have received from others are treasured. Jen