Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Another Artist and decorating blues

This painting is "Orange Sunflowers/ Red Cellophanes by Janet Fish.
I thought some of you might enjoy seeing a slightly different kind of art than what I usually show here (representational vs abstract). Even though this depicts very recognizable and realistic objects, just look at the color, motion and play of light. For a "still" life, these are pretty animated, wouldn't you say?

Hard to believe it has been a week since my last post. I enjoyed a "sewing day" with my quilt group on Sunday afternoon and came away inspired, not to sew but to decorate. My friend Pam purchased a lovely small house with a "cottage" feel and she has refurbished and decorated it to perfection. Her home is so welcoming it feels instantly comfortable and comforting. She served us a wonderful soup with chicken, wild rice and squash, delicious and very "fall". We also had a terrific salad that included those carmelized pecans, and a pumpkin cobbler for dessert.
Back to weight watchers today, but it was worth it. On the decorating front, I looked at lots of internet sites and magazine pictures. Then I looked at my budget and ended up just buying a new tablecloth.


Anonymous said...

I really like this painting, Jen. The colors are so intense.

Were you the one who suggested The Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio several months ago? Someone did and I watched it yesterday and really enjoyed it. I wrote down 3 titles and have since lost the list... :(

Anonymous said...

Oh, Janet Fish is wonderful! If I painted, I'd want to paint like these paintings. Just love her Coffeecake and Zinnia With an Apple.

Where do you find all these great artists?

Anonymous said...

Again, you've chosen a beautiful painting. As for decorating--a new tablecloth can be very uplifting. You've made me think I should do something. At least change the centerpiece. :)

Scrapmaker said...

Jen, I don't remember if I talked about that movie, but I really liked it too.
Fran, just browse the gallery links or cruise through Art Net. I do this all the time to get my "art fix".
Kay,I'm glad you like the painting. Enjoy finding a new tablecloth! It does lift the spirits. Jen