Sunday, August 14, 2005

Although there is nothing peaceful about the world at large, my little corner of it is very, very quiet right now. Our son moved out (again) on Friday, taking with him all the noise and traffic of his friends and all their comings and goings. Not to mention loud music, "jamming" in the garage, guitar and drum practice, large groups of young people sitting around in the kitchen or out in the breezeway. I had forgotten how very quiet and peaceful it is without him here. Consider also that my husband is away for a few days on a trip, and voila! no one here but me and my dogs. I may feel differently in a few days, but for now being alone is heaven.

I sat out on the deck Friday night in the cooling late afternoon, listening to the birds and watching the light change until sunset. I thought I would share a few pictures of some of the remaining color in the yard. Thankfully, it has started to cool and the humidity index has dropped, but the last couple of weeks have been so hot that most of the flowers are looking a little blasted. All the trees are thriving, though. I don't know if I mentioned that we have planted over 30 in the last couple of years. I'll spare you the details of the "tree story" just now, but we had our own little set of adventures choosing and planting them.

Saturday I stayed in my pajamas until late afternoon, when a friend called and asked if I wanted to come fabric shopping (I did). I had wandered back to the studio, cup of coffee in hand, and started a new project. After blissfully working away for five or six hours, I had just about decided I needed a break when my friend called. Talk about good timing! Fabric browsing was fun and carefree, and I really bought very little except for a few pieces of net and organza to be filed away in the stash. It was great not to have a schedule.

Today will be another fun day spent sewing with friends. Yesterday's project will stay in the studio, since today I will be working on something more traditional. To tell the truth, more visiting, eating and laughing are more likely to take place than sewing, at least for me. And that's ok. Tonight I may get back into the studio, or I may not. By next Tuesday, I may be bored and lonely, but today it feels peaceful, and I am content.


Lisa, Procrastinator Extraordinaire said...

It sounds wonderful! Enjoy your peace and solitude while you have it. And we want to hear more about this mysterious new project you were working on in the studio!

BTW, you never mentioned, but I assume you changed out of your pjs before going fabric shopping ;-)

Scrapmaker said...

Actually I did shower and change before going out, but it's possible no one would have noticed since my "pj's" are old t-shirts and shorts! Although, come to think of it, I never wear shorts in public any more, except at the beach! Jen

Sharon said...

Yes, Jen, this does sound wonderful! I am looking forward to a week all by myself when my husband drives out to CO for a week of hiking and train picture taking. I've tried not thinking about it, but now you've given me permission - and giving me a jump start with your photos! Sharon