Thursday, August 11, 2005

The Softer Side of Quilting

This quilt was made a couple of years ago as a goodbye present for my work friend Jackie. After quilting it, I became unhappy with the way it turned out, so I grabbed my scissors and chopped it up. After "flipping" some of the pieces and stitching them back together, I added a little applique in the center. Jackie loves her quilt, and she uses it to curl up under when she reads.

New babies mean new quilts...I made this one for my great neice (that makes me sound frightfully old, doesn't it?). It is bright and fun and backed with very soft flannel. It is made to take a beating, and from what I understand, it does.

This quilt was very, very easy and fast and is made with some lovely fall colors and a healthy dash of purple. Something about the color combo makes me really happy. My SIL Barb and my neice Colleen came over and helped me make this one, and we all presented it as our gift to our other SIL Jane on her 60th birthday. It adds a splash of color to the back of her couch every fall season.

I think of these types of quilts as being the "softer side of quilting". Made to give comfort and warmth, they are a very special gift for people I love.
They are completely gratifying to make in a way that is utterly different from my art quilts, and I will probably always make them.


Sonji Hunt said...

I love these quilts. I am a big fan of beautiful things that are functional. Unfortunately, I have never had the patience to complete the type of quilt I would want to make for someone to use. One day, maybe. Until then, I am stuck making things for the wall.

Scrapmaker said...

I am not terribly paitient either, believe it or not. That is why anything I make that is functional is EASY and FAST.
As for your wonderful and imaginative wall creations, what a great place to be "stuck"! Jen

Bonnie said...

Loved seeing pics of your softer quilts! I love them quilts, traditional long as it's fabric and thread (and not making clothing!!) I love it all! Great colors..thanks for the eye candy today!


Anonymous said...

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