Saturday, August 27, 2005

Simple Still Life

Here's my version of Simple Still Life. I'm a day early, but I have time to post today and I might not tomorrow. A few process photos are below. This is not quite a whole cloth quilt since after
the thread sketching and watercolor I decided to add some fused applique, which I went back and quilted over.

This piece was done the "old-fashioned" way, just some sketching from the photo, no computer manipulation of the image. You will notice that not everything is to scale, and some of the
elements are reduced to simple line. These are the types of variations I like, and it is why I usually prefer to sketch from the photo. (I am NOT criticizing the computer approach. I think it is a worthy tool.)

I had in mind to capture a "watercolor and ink" quality, which I did, but then when I added the appliqued leaves it changed again. When I finished that I decided it needed a border, mainly because the colors in this piece of fabric were just right.


Frances said...

I love the way you have rendered the Simple Still Life, it definately has that watercolour look of translucence (sp),

very interesting seeing your process,

i am looking forward to seeing all the different processes and outcomes tomorrow,

just finishing mine!

jpsam said...

I'm posting all over your blog but I wanted to second what Frances said about showing your process. Thanks! I love it!

gabrielle said...

Love the delicacy you achieved in this piece. The process photos were perfect. Can you hardly wait for next round?

Elle said...

I love the colors in this.

Olenka said...

The free motion of your line is wonderful and the colors very soothing.

Anonymous said...

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