Monday, August 08, 2005

Weekend Walking

This weekend I decided to vary my "exercise" and go somewhere to walk. I am getting bored, bored, bored with my eliptical machine, despite the fact that it is arranged to give me a good view of the television. Perhaps I am just getting bored, bored, bored of TV in general. I am going to try to make exercise more fun, otherwise I will be back on the couch curled up with a good book before you know it.

Sadly, I forgot the digital camera, so you will have to wait until the next trip to get pictures. I thought about driving down to the beach but wimped out when I considered the traffic. Instead, I visited Lake Murray, a popular spot for walking, rollerblading, and biking located in beautiful suburban La Mesa. I enjoyed watching the people, dogs, fishermen, and hundreds of ducks. The geese were a little intimidating, so I gave them plenty of room. They were a rowdy, noisy bunch, obviously fun loving but a little cross at having so much company.

The sunlight glinting off the water was lovely, and the air was fresh. I noticed all kinds of desert wild flowers and a large variety of eucalyptus trees. I kept my eyes open to avoid rattlesnakes (they have warning signs up), but I didn't see any. For communing with nature, fewer people would have been better, but for safety it was just right. Did I mention that it was HOT? I arrived early, but the sun was already out in full force.

Later in the afternoon, I actually went BACK to the lake for another walk, this time with Jerry. It was nice to have company for the second walk, and the late afternoon was much cooler. Afterwards, for supper we grilled some food and had a nice salad with fresh garden tomatoes.


Sonji Hunt said...

Sounds lovely, except for the HOT part. It is so darned hot everywhere. We are now experiencing the results of all that aerosol hairspray!

Scrapmaker said...

This is so worrisome I have to put it out of my mind. Our weather has been truly wierd lately! Jen

Anonymous said...

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